Laugh or Cry?

She came back yesterday.. The very last thing I could ever expect to happen to me yesterday is to meet her. Thanks to Cat who kept the secret so very well (grin). She said she got an announcement to make and needs me to be there. (I thought she’s resigning or she’s getting married or she’s migrating to Australia or something2). Heck! what am I suppose to guess?

Then suddenly, out of nowhere… there she was. Standing in front of my very eyes. I thought I was seeing things or dreaming or something. It was meant to be a surprise for me. Hell, I’m surprised alrite. Damn it! I’m speechless! What should I say? How should I react?

It’s a mixed feelings of everything actually. Sad, Happy, Excited, Glad, Tense, Nervous. Everything mashed into one. For a moment when I looked into her eyes, it feels like there are thousands of butterflies in my stomach. She didn’t change much. Her hair is getting longer. Same smile, same laugh, same smell. *sigh*

She has gone thru a very difficult phase in her life. I can’t actually tell what happened coz it’s too personal. But nonetheless, to be able to see her again it’s like a miracle. She’s strong. By far, the strongest woman I’ve ever known personally. I’m really really happy to see her again. But at the same time, I feel sad as well. For all that she have to go through…

I hope she’s fine here, now. There’s a lot of people here that ‘sayang her to the max. I hope her 2 weeks off here will be as pleasant as it can be. I know we would love her company..

Nurul dear.. We missed you so much! Welcome Back!



~ by Aidilz on April 29, 2008.

One Response to “Laugh or Cry?”

  1. That’s me! Oh so really write about me..So touched! My hair getting longer but the dutch weather damaging my hair!..I miss my sunny Malaysia..

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