I know a lot people are fan of sushi.

I like sushi too. I think it’s kinda healthy food.

You know, raw food.. green tea.. seaweed..

I went to Sushi King the other day..  and here are some of the stuffs that I had that  day.

Green tea.. good for your health!

Sushi train? Hehe.. Cho! Cho!

This is California Roll and Softshell Crab Roll. Hm…

Chicken on stick with teriyaki sauce or Satay.. Japanese version. Hehe. 

Golden balls. My favorite!!



~ by Aidilz on June 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “Sushi!”

  1. Sushi huh? Just wondering the very first time you went to Sushi place..Don’t know whether you still remember or not.. 😉 But sushi always good food..

  2. Of course I remember… you’re the one who brought me. And then ajar me macam mana nk makan sushi. Thanks dear.. 🙂

  3. I totally brought this post back from the dead! hahaha! I was just looking up “sushi”
    What does the “Golden Balls” dish have? Lots of mayonaise and crab…?
    I went to a Sushi bar recently…got a nice pic of my favourite salmon dish on my blog!

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