Mount Kinabalu Climb

It was once in a lifetime experience.

Either you do it.. or you don’t.

Since I’ve paid everything ( what was I thinking?? ) for this trip.. I guess I just have to try right?

Orang cakap.. belum cuba belum tahu. Kan?

I didn’t sleep the day before the flight to KK.

I don’t know.. nervous maybe.. or even excited for the climb.. hehe.

Arrived at KK around 9am plus in the morning. Damn tired!

We stayed at Tune Hotel in 1 Borneo. It’s a new Mall located around Sepangar area right after UMS (Universiti Malaysia Sabah).

5 star sleeping experience at a 1 star price. Hm.. No comment!

This place is damn cool. It’s new and it’s really cheap. (if you booked online in advance that is)

We just need a place to put our backpacks and sleep. That’s all. No fancy stuffs.

Ray with his Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak ‘tapau’ from the flight. Hehe. So happy.

We decided to take a stroll in KK City before the journey starts tomorrow morning.

Took the local bus and the fare is just RM1 per person, one way. Damn cheap..

Seafood Restaurant with a welcome sign. Dunno expensive or not.

Ray and Jason tried acting like local but failed miserably. Hehe.

We went to the Market. ( I don’t know why but it seems like a good idea at that time )

It was really really really hot. Like burning and sweating like mad hot. Just check out the sky.

Had our lunch there as well. Cat can’t resist the dishes. Nasi campur plus ABC cost not more than RM5. Hehe.

Walk.. walk.. walk.. but buy nothing. Haha.

Here they sell all sort of stuffs from fresh vegetables, fish, meat, fruits and even weird looking seaweeds.

Really interesting. Watching the local people there and how they actually live their daily life.

Cheap roasted chicken wings. Simply delicious. Yummy!

Sight of a small jetty.

This is a place next to the market where a stretch of restaurants and bars are located.

We ‘lepak’ at one of the restaurants, relaxing and waiting for the sunsets.

Kota Kinabalu sunset. Mesmerizing…

The next day, our tour operator brought us all to Kinabalu Park for registration and get our assigned guide for the climb.

The journey from our hotel to Kinabalu Park took around 1 hour.

Along the way, the van driver played songs that I thought was a sign. A bad sign..

1. Living on a prayer – Bon Jovi ( wth! )

2. Knocking on heaven’s door – Guns and Roses ( u gotta be kidding me right? )

3. Home – Daughtry ( why am I doing this again? )

4. Knowing me, knowing you – ABBA ( this not funny.. )

But.. we all laughed and made a joke out of it.

But I know, deep inside.. Hahaha. Semua pun takut!

A long view of the majestic mountain. Damn.. Are we really gonna climb that?

A map of the trail and what to expect along the way.. 

From the look of the map, it seems to be quite easy.

Timpohon trail has more shelters or huts they call it and shorter by 2 km compared to Mesilau trail.

Not too bad huh? Cakap memang senang lah..

All of us posing at Kinabalu Park. Macam cool jer kan?

Another group picture. 

In this picture, do you guys noticed the ciggy in Jason’s hand?

Yeah, all of us actually smoke before the climb (except for Cat).

Not a very good idea.. not good at all..

In front of Timpohon Gate before the climb. Gaya kena ada beb!!

Us with our guide in front of Timpohon Gate.

We were accompanied with our guide and his name is Francis.

He’s been a mountain guide for almost 2 years. So, agak convincing jugak lah.

Eventhough he only wore a shirt, low cut converse shoes with no socks and a backpack.

That’s all. Hm.. Senang sangat ke trail ni?


And so the journey begins..

So, we started from Timpohon Hut. The trail is about 6 km long until Laban Rata.

Along the trail, there’ll be shelters and toilets for you to rest, refill you water supplies or do your business. Hehe.

However, they placed a signage that warn us the water is untreated. Air gunung kot.

Meaning if you got sick from drinking the water.. hm.. sendiri mau ingatlah.

Well, I drank it. No choice. No problem. Hehe.

We pass by this small waterfalls (Carson Falls) at 0.5km.  

The journey climbing up was so tiring. I gasped for air after every 10 steps I took.

It was harder than what I’ve imagined. That’s what you get for malas exercise consistently.

Oh! I forgot to mention. All of us have to carry our own packed lunch.

That’s additional 1 kilo in my backpack! And they gave us a can of Coke? Wtf!? 100 Plus would make more sense right?

To make it worse, there are a lot of steps along the way.. and by alot I mean A LOT!!!

Like a never ending steps. Climb and climb and climb the freaking steps. Grr…

The group resting before climbing more steps.. sigh!

Steps and more steps.. everywhere there are just steps!!

Some of the b*&ch ass trail we’ve passed.

One of the thing that amaze me while climbing up is the local porters.

Almost everything can being carried up to Laban Rata using the porters.

You name it..  bags, food, gas tank and I even saw they carried a door up there.

A freakin’ door okay? Selamba jer.. like nobody business.

If you would like to climb up the mountain lightweight, you can hire a porter to carry your bags up.

Not that expensive, just RM7/kg. I prefer to carry my own tho. More macho. Baru mountain climb..

( ok.. ok.. I actually can’t afford a porter to carry my bag, dammit! )

A porter carried a bunch loads of bags.

Fake smiles.

We finally reached the halfway marker, 3 km.  Another 3 km to go. Sigh!!

But then it started to rain. Luckily we’ve bought ourselves a poncho each at the Timpohon hut.

Cost us RM 5 but it was worth it… at least.

Our guide.. Francis.. happily climbing with an umbrella. Hehe. Show off!!

Unfortunately I can’t take more pictures for the rest of the climb due to the rain.

Nasib kurang baik lah.. Sheesh!!

After an incredilbe 7 hours and  30 minutes of climbing ( yeah, we took that long )..  

We reached Laban Rata. 

There were already a bunch loads of people who arrived earlier than us. Ada yang dah tua2 tau! Gila!

We straightaway head to the restaurant for our buffet dinner but I can barely eat because I’m too exhausted.

Checked in and unload our bags in the room (more like a dorm to me).

Thank God it got a heater coz it was freakin’ cold up there.

Best part is.. all of us caught fever! Hahaha. Demam habaq hang!

We took 2 Panadols each and tried to rest and sleep. Still a long way to go.

I can barely sleep though.. My legs were in pain. My head was spinning.

Sedar tak sedar, it’s already 1.30am. Time to get ready for the peak climb.

It was pitch black and we only have our headlamps to guide us.

We’ve got separated along the way.

Jason was way ahead of us. Then followed by Cat. And then me, Ray and Francis (our guide).

Guess what? It was raining.. Yup! An adventure package indeed. Free of charge!

After around close to 3 hours.. we reached the peak. Alhamdulillah..

A glimpse of sunrise..

I have to admit.. I wanted to give up a number of times coz I just don’t think I can make it.

But, encouragement from Ray and my guide and also knowing Cat and Jason were ahead keeps me going. I just have to push myself a little bit more.

I realize that I’ve reached the top of the mountain only after I saw the sunrise on my right.

It’s amazing… I’m speechless.

It’s really worth every single steps. Every single energy.

Who would expect.. Aidil boleh conquer Gunung Kinabalu?


Sunrise finally..

Breathtaking view at 4 Celcius plus cold breeze.

My best sunrise picture.. whoever that guy is.. er.. thanks.

I spent around an hour at the top. It was so damn cold.. I can’t even hold my camera properly.

I was shaking and 2 layers of shirt plus jacket plus my wet gloves was not much of a help.

Here are some of the photos that I managed to capture (before my fingers become numb). Hehe.

This is what I climbed before in the dark?? Damn!!

The famous Low’s Peak.

Yeah.. I’ve made it. I’m so proud of myself. Hehe.

Just follow the white rope.. it’s your life dude..

Where sky and earth meet.. nice view

It’s really me..  I’ve made it!!

Unbelievable sight.. straight rainbow.. Cool!

An adrenaline junkie was about to paraglides from the top of the mountain.

You guess it right. Check the back of your RM 1.

I went down alone coz the rest wanted to spend more time up there.

After 2 hours, I reached Laban Rata, had breakfast, went to the room and started packing.

Around 11am, all of us started our journey back to Kinabalu Park.

Going back was actually not as easy as I thought it would be. Lagi susah ada lah.

And.. yes it was raining again… all the way. Tough luck!

I busted my right knee going down. It was so painful, I was literally limping.

I can’t even walk straight. My legs were wobbling.. Not a pretty sight.

The steps are making the journey harder and more difficult.

But.. finally I’ve made it… after 7 hours of struggling that is.

I pushed myself so hard.. I can’t even believe myself.

I just keep thinking that I’ll die if I don’t. ( what a motivation huh? )

It was an experience that I would never want to go through again.. ever.

And now, I really really hate steps!! Very much!

Thanks to all my friends.. Ray, Cat, Jenny and Jason for making this journey a reality.

I’ll never make it if not for you guys. Seriously…

So, next… Climbathon anyone? 😛


~ by Aidilz on July 6, 2008.

10 Responses to “Mount Kinabalu Climb”

  1. port view is actually cheap for fresh seafood… must try the siput (ntah apekebendenye siput yg berjenis2…)…. Congratulations on making it to the top!!!!! My mom (yes, I’m still scared of my mom) will NEVER EVER allow me to go… sigh…

  2. Haha.. Thanks. We didn’t have much time to explore the whole KK. Will definitely go back there. Next time.. I’m going to the islands and gonna try lobster dish. 🙂

  3. Hey! Love the beautiful scenery though..Congrats! You made it! But not for me..I can’t even climb the Bukit Gasing or whatever place higher than normal height..haha..

  4. Eddie, the pictures you took was so amazing…. I couldnt believe my own eyes….Your pictures are so beautiful and they are alive…..
    And your blog made me laugh…hehe
    Love ya…chao

  5. Heylow,

    nak tanyer… u ambek package or cari accomodation, transportation sendiri? do u haf the travel agencies website or email or t/l number. Thanks

  6. we actually booked the package during the Matta fair last year. You should go there this sept. There are a lots of travel agencies there offering different kinda climbing packages. Choose the one that suits u well and make sure u’ve booked ur flight in advance.

  7. huhu, tak rock la suruh potter bawak beg. u gotta carry ur own sampai atas! 😀

    next sem nak naik lagi kot….

  8. Hey.hey. Nice reading your blog.
    I climbed Mt Kinabalu on 18 December 08..
    and i think we have the same guide..
    his name is Francis as well!! I miss that
    climbing experience!! Will opt for Mesilau
    trail next year,probably!!

  9. going to have a school trip to climb mount kinabalu next year. PMR year for me but i still wanna go 😀

  10. Love your story experience. Planning to hiking mount kk in March 14, with a group of friends. Feeling a bit scary because not sure if i be fit enough to be at the top 🙂 however looking forward for the trip!!

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