Dark Knight

I watched this movie on the 18th July 2008. A day after the opening here in Malaysia. It was a company event actually.

One word to describe it. “Man, The Joker is so damn cool!”

Okay, that’s more than a word. 😛


Anyway, what I’m trying to say is…

This movie is the best Batman movie ever made. And this coming from someone who is not even a Batman fan. (I’m more to “Spidey” kinda fan, Hehe).



One of the reason why I said it is because Heath Ledger rocks, man!!

As The Joker, he played that part really really well. Personally I think Christian Bale’s character is overshadowed by him.

I like The Joker. He’s mean, crazy and unpredictable. Oh, and I also like Aaron Eckhart’s character as well. He played Harvey Dent aka The Two Face. He is good too.

The late Heath Ledger deserve to be nominated in the Academy Awards for his role in this movie. He passed away in January with a lot of speculations for his death. But he did left us with a memorable character. Ok, apart from the Brokeback Mountain.. He’s The Joker for God sake!

When I left the theater, there’s a line by The Joker that keep on playing in my head. Damn!

“Why you look so worried?  Shall I put a smile on your face?”

Hehe..  That’s scary.. 🙂


~ by Aidilz on July 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Dark Knight”

  1. i do not like you for now… jeles…

  2. I whole heartedly agree that Heath Ledger should get a posthumous Academy Award for his performance in this movie as he was spectacular! His family should be very proud of his final role and we have lost a very talented actor.

  3. OMG..i didnt know he passed away oredi. Too bad, Im his fan..
    So sad

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