I have tried…


I’ve tried to think positive all the time..

I’ve tried to be honestly happy for you..

I’ve tried to be a better person than before..

I’ve tried to forget the painful past..

I’ve tried to be a really good friend..

I’ve tried to learn from my mistakes..

I’ve tried to believe in your words again..

I’ve tried to accept that things happened for a reason..

I’ve tried to put the pieces back together..

and.. I’ve tried to forgive and forget..

Trust me… I’ve tried… really.. really tried…



Someone close once told me that.. “time will kill everything…”

Well, I guess time choose to kill slowly for me..


~ by Aidilz on August 10, 2008.

5 Responses to “I have tried…”

  1. depression?!!!! bahaya ni!!!

  2. ..No words..Doesn’t sound good..

    ..But I don’t know what am I supposed to see on the picture..It looks like a monster to me..Am I getting blind or what..Maybe I’m not that artistic enough to understand this kind of art crap..but don’t tell me you drew that picture..

  3. Yeah.. I think you’re not that artistic enough to see that it’s actually a HUMAN? 😛
    Hm.. maybe I should colour the sketch instead?
    Anyway, only those who understands me would know what it means…

  4. i saw a monster too laa.. and i’m NORMAL.

  5. beb..serius..u drew a monster

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