I want vs I need

There are a lot of things that I want to buy right now.

If I list it down.. I’ll go crazy. Hahaha.

Furthermore, I don’t have much money to splurge on wanted stuffs.

I guess I have to focus more on what I need instead of what I want.


Here is the list of stuffs that I need

1. A new pair of glassesaccomplished

( optical claim deadline – end of August ~ so this will be top priority )

2. Futsal shoes

( the old one was stolen – last month’s futsal tournament 😦 )

3. New Adidas shoes

( the old one already worn out – I think it’s already 7 years )

4. Macro and Telephoto lens for my camera  – I got myself a lens hood instead.

( So I can take better pictures? ehehe.. )

5. Beans for my bean bag

( I wonder where have all the beans gone? )

6. A back pack – just what I need.. a deuter.

( For my short travel needs. Ngeh ngeh ngeh )


*Sigh*.. So many things I need to buy!!!

Where’s my sugar mummy when I need her?


~ by Aidilz on August 20, 2008.

5 Responses to “I want vs I need”

  1. beans are cheap.
    i can get u those….u want kacang hijau or merah?

    sugar mommy? where, where??

  2. buat lawak lak budak Cat ni!
    get me kacang putih la! 2 bungkus please.. 😛

  3. hahahahahahahaah!
    sugar mommy? i’m a mommy and i’m also very sweet like sugar. so wat do u need from me again???

  4. very funny naziah…

  5. thank you aidil! —> very the polite

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