Ted “si Pembuat Roti”

I just got myself a new pair of glasses last Saturday.

The brand of the frame is Ted Baker.

Huh.. Such a weird name for an eyewear.

This brand is well known in the UK and they also have a boutique in Pavillion, KL.

It was opened end of last year if I’m not mistaken.

No.. I didn’t bought mine there.

I need a different design for the frame (I was using a half rim frame previously… if you notice la).

So, I opt for a full frame and stainless steel this time.

Banyak gila frame, sampai pening nak choose yang mana satu.

Finally, I decided to choose this one after an hour or so. Phew!

Eye check up results:

Apparently I’m not that rabun. Hahaha. But the glare index is quite bad la. Orang Melayu cakap “silau”. 

The sales guy told me that if I don’t wear the glasses, I can’t even drive at nite. Which is very true.

Right : 100 , Glare : 125

Left   : 025 , Glare : 100

I really like this new glasses. I think it suits me well.

Eventhough it’s not as expensive as Mawi’s RM800+ Hugo Boss glasses. Ehem!

Nerdy me!

Ol skool la konon. Hahaha.


~ by Aidilz on August 27, 2008.

8 Responses to “Ted “si Pembuat Roti””

  1. that’s nothing… my right eye punya glare is 550… uncle cina optician dekat KK always tells me, ‘you aaaa… 3 tahun lagi aaaa, you buta lor!’… and it’s been almost 18 years already… hehehehehe… Mawi? RM800? Mine’s more expensive than that and I hate Mawi!

  2. 3d glasses from imax are free.

    how come you’re suddenly so fair? looks like the SKII product you’re using is finally working.

  3. naziah: 18 years huh? Whoa… Kagum2.
    Btw, it’s our very own Asmawi Zolkifli in Auths that I meant la.

    cat: Blueekk!!!
    I called it photo editing duh.. SKII? that is nurul’s. Not mine. 😛

  4. photo editting my a**. just admit it. u put smtg on yr face. toothpaste? kapur? kiwi? or ur flash is too strong coz your arms are too short.

    and stop using nurul’s makeup…you’re beautiful just the way u are.

  5. ahahahahahahahah! SKII… or hazeline snow… hahahahahahaha!

  6. LOL..It’s been a while since I heard that brand..Hazeline snow..Good one! hahaghagha..Nice glasses btw.. 🙂

  7. Diorang semua dengki tu nurul… Hehehe.
    Thanks btw.

  8. dengki?? where’s my vomit bag? where?!! QUICK GIMMEEEE!!

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