Last days of Ramadhan..

This is me blogging from my hometown – PD.
The internet connection really sucks here. Hahaha. Apa boleh buat..

Before I went back, I managed to buka puasa with Farlina and Soraya..
We met @ the Curve and had our buka puasa at this place called Charms Cafe (suggested by Farlina).

This cafe is actually a combination of Chinese + Thai and Vietnam (I think..).
It’s cosy, outdoor and very old skool.
Most of the decorations and furnitures are made of solid wood.
Giving the place a retro kinda ambiance.

Here are some of the pictures..

The sign you can’t miss. Located just behind Kenny Rogers.

Charms Cafe sign on glass.

The unique menu design. Attached to it are bells.

The wood decorations. Table, chairs and shelf.

Yup. They have a swing as well for one of the table. Cool!

The seat for our table. Got pillow some more. Nice..

First time trying this – Hot Vietnamese Coffee. Not bad..

Mixed fried seafood noodles cantonese style.

Soraya and Farlina.

Me and Farlina.


The next day, which is on Sunday.. Buka puasa dengan Afat pulak.
We went to Jalan Doraisamy to have the famous Haji Abu Bakar Soup.
Usually this place at 7.00pm are packed with customers..
Well, it’s only a small stall with a bunch of tables and chairs.
Luckily, there was a parking space and the crowd were not that many.
(Orang KL dah balik kampung agaknya..)

The mamak showing off his soup preparation skills while babbling at the same time.

The menu here are pretty simple.
There are various types of soups.
(You can basically order any type of soup you want – custom made)

Price increased I assume..

My soup. International aka put-everything-you-have-on-the-menu soup. Hehe.

The hot nasi lemak.
(Really ‘pedas’ and yummy!)

and there are roti bakar, rojak, mee rebus, mee goreng etc2.
(the usual mamak stuffs I think, except for roti canai)

During normal days, there would be someone selling otak2 nearby as well.
Tapi hari tu dia takde jual pulak..
(kelik Kelate doh agaknya.. Hehehe)

Afat acting cool. Cheh..

So.. that’s it.
It’s located right at the very end of Asian Heritage Row.
You guys should try it.


~ by Aidilz on September 30, 2008.

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  1. im bored. when r u going out? huh?

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