Greetings from Egypt

I want to write this post earlier but I ter’forgot’. Thehehe.

Got this in the post box a few days before Hari Raya.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything from her.
Last update was when she told me that she is in Cairo, Egypt for a business trip cum vacation. *drool      
(why la AmEx never offer me a biz trip cum vacation? Oh ya.. I’m just a trainer.. *sigh)
After that, no email, no text messages, no call, nothing.. basically no news-lah.
Risau jugak but I know she can take care of herself.
She’s very independant and smart. Plus, she’s not alone. 
So she went and saw the pyramids (any mummies?), had a camel ride (tengah2 panas tu? wah.. hebat..) and also a short boat ride along Nile River (tak mabuk ke?)
It really sounds like fun but she said it wasn’t.
Hahaha.. I knew it! It’s because she can’t stand the heat.
Well.. it’s Egypt.. what do you expect.. (I still wonder, why your dad choose Egypt ar?).

Anyway, thanks for the postcard dear. I really appreciate it.
At least I know you still remember me.

2 stamps.. one from Egypt, and one from Netherlands. Hm…
I miss you too..

Take care ya!!
* Hugs *


~ by Aidilz on October 11, 2008.

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  1. sesame.. 🙂

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