F.R.I.E.N.D.S Part II

I’m writing this post while I’m in my night shift.
The shift starts from 10pm till 7am. Yeah, it’s crap!
Talk about changing your body clock and try to sleep during the day.
It is really really tiring. Masa dah start kerja, dia punya ngantuk jangan cakap la.
Yawn.. I’m so sleepy right now.

Ok, Ok.
This is the 2nd part of the previous post.
I didn’t manage to write it back to back. Too busy!
Anyway, after the karaoke session, I went straight to Nagas to meet up with Cat, Jason, Tynie, Katie and Shanky for supper.
Boo joined us later together with Hanna and her friend.
I don’t know what so good about Nagas.
Biasa aje rasanya. Nothing special if you ask me.
Since HDPM back then till AmEx.. kalau nak lepak dgn member mesti gi Nagas.
We need a new place people!
What happen to Coffee Hut? Next time maybe?

We all lepak till early morning and promised to meet up at Chilli’s Midvalley in the afternoon for lunch.
Chilli’s is now our official relaxing place. Confirm!!
It’s so damn relaxing, we lepak there for hours. Hahaha.
I went there with Cat. Since we’re there early, we decided to order our drinks first.
We waited for around 15 minutes and finally the rest of them came.
Amazingly, Cat already finished half of her Top Shelf.
Hahahaha.. and her face was as red as a lobster.

Here are a few pictures that I took on that day.


My dish – BBQ half beef, half chicken. I don’t like the black beans tho.


Cat’s empty glass. See the red arrow? I’m not kidding. Hehehe.


Jason aka hero filem Tamil. Abih macho la tu. 😛


Katie – Tynie’s sister @ Skol addict. Hehehe.


A black n white theme experiment – Shanky and Jason. Nice!


A sephia theme experiment – Shanky and Tynie. Shanky really loves her margarita. Hehe.


Shanky, Tynie and Katie.


Shanky aka Drama Queen. Posing tak ingat! Hehehe.


Boo – why so serious? Hehehe. Gambar candid.


And last but not least. Cat with her Iphone. You just can’t resists kan? Hehehe.
Thanks y’all for the outing.
Especially Jason and Cat for the treat.
You guys are the best!
We shall do this again in the future. Bottoms up!

P/S: I still feel it’s incomplete since Nurul can’t join us..


~ by Aidilz on November 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “F.R.I.E.N.D.S Part II”

  1. Tak ajak pun..Camane nak datang?..

  2. 1. it’s iPhone. not Iphone. get it right.

    2. btw, Shanky also paid for your, ahem, expensive meal. (most ex one of the lot btw…)

    3. i wldn’t mind another margarita. anytime anyday.

    4. coffee hut? why, miss the damn tupai is it? too far. unless u wanna drive us. i feel the same abt Nagas.

    5. posting my pics… sigh… since it was ur bday, i’ll let u off. ONCE. but can u delete the last pic? it’s fughlyy.

    6. your bean soup tak habis!!!!!

    7. and finally, you’re welcome.

  3. nurul: er.. ajak2 ayam boleh ke? 🙂

    1. hah! you noticed. I did that on purpose actually.
    2. oh.. really? Thank you Shanky!!! you’re the best too! Hehehe. Bodek2.
    3. hehehe.. sure you wouldn’t mind. Who would?
    4. yeah.. the kopi tupai, good times!
    5. delete the pic? er.. no!
    6. you barely touch your main dish!! 😛
    7. 🙂

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