Canon Photomarathon Asia 2008

I never thought that I would join the competition.
But when I saw the advert in the newspaper… I said to myself..
“Why not right?”


Yep. I entered Canon Photomarathon 2008.
Registered myself online and went thru their terms and condition and all.
I somehow managed to ‘racun’ Johana to join as well. Hehehe. Ala, sudahlah.. I know you wanna.
Anyway, thanks Jo. Tak la mati kutu aku sorang2.
I took part in the Compact Category and Jo pulak in the DSLR Category.
Jo is a colleague of mine and she is definitely more expert + experienced in photography compared to me.

We’re so excited and since it was our first competition plus we didn’t really know what to expect actually.
When we reached Berjaya Times Square, there were already rows of people standing in lines for registration. Not bad.
I lined up, registered myself and waited for Jo. She was a bit late.
The Canon fella gave each participant a Red Shirt + Photomarathon Lanyard + Canon Hand Towel + Goodie Bag filled with Breakfast and water + Canon Cap.
Cool!! Furthermore, since I’m using Canon Camera, I don’t have to pay for the registration fee.
Other brand users have to pay RM15. Which I think is quite reasonable, especially looking at the prizes they offered.


I’ll skip the details on how the competition works.
You guys can read it in the website.

Basically what the competition is all about is…
The organizer will give you 3 themes to be completed in a period of time.
First theme will be given during the beginning of the marathon.
The next two themes must be collected at each designated Pit Stop.
In Malaysia, the 2nd and 3rd Pit Stop were at the Canon Concept Store in Pavillion and KLCC.

The theme at each Pit Stop will be given only in a period of 1 hour or so.. if I remember it correctly.
Those who are late.. or couldn’t reach the Pit Stop on time.. er..
It’s pretty stupid la actually.. you can always ask those who already been to the Pit Stop for the theme.
Sure they will tell wan.. Hehe. You’re not required to register at the Pit Stop or anything.
After that, you can take as much photos as you like but the submissions are strictly – one photo per theme.
The photo uploading terminals were opened from 3pm to 8pm at BTS.
Those who finished early can go there and submit their artworks.
Another thing is, the photo can’t be edited in anyway. No editing at all whatsoever.
Must be original as it is.


That’s about it la.. more or less. Malas nak cerita panjang2.
Three themes given out on that day:
1. Indulge Metropolitan
2. Mess in Rules
3. Goes Green

The first theme was the hardest I must say.
Both me and Jo were cracking our heads to find the subject for the theme.
I even called Zack to help search for the meaning of indulge in the dictionary, just to make sure I got it right. And then we walked.. and walked.. and walked. Wondering what to shoot. Where to shoot.
The second theme, basically we had a rough idea what to shoot, but hell the subjects were so hard to find.
The third theme was obviously in conjunction with Canon new campaign. Canon Goes Green.
It’s pretty easy I must say. But to be creative was the hard part.

We’ve gone from Bukit Bintang to Lot 10 to Sungei Wang and even to the rooftop of BB Plaza.
And then took the monorail to Dang Wangi, Kg Baru and to KLCC and Central Market and Petaling Street. *WTF!!
Red colored shirts people were everywhere on that day.
Whatever that you thought is a good subject to shoot, there are already someone else there ahead of you.
It was frustrating. I wanted to shoot something different and unique but it seems impossible.
But I learn that day that even though you have a same subject to shoot, the outcome could be different anyway.
There are lighting, exposure, angle, composition and many other things that can differentiate the picture.
To make it stand out from the rest and beautiful. Chewah! Hehe. Macam poyo jer.


On that day too, I saw a lot of DSLR Camera users.
All sorts of brands, with lotsa accessories. Lens, Tripods, Filters..
You name it. I saw it all. I can’t helped to feel a lil’ bit jealous.
But then again, as I said it over and over again to myself.
“It’s not entirely about the camera, it’s the skills”
You could have the most expensive camera but if you don’t really understand how to use it.. Then it’s useless.
You could have the most sophisticated camera but if you didn’t utilize all the features offered by the camera.. Then it’s a waste.
Okay, that’s my personal opinion. Nuff said!

Come to think of it, this is the first time ever in my life, I’ve won something in a competition this big.
This is a freakin’ regional competition for God sake!
People gathered around from all over Malaysia for this.
The same competition was held in other Asian Countries as well such as Thailand and Singapore.
Last time I won something in an event like this was when I’m in Form 1 when I got 2nd Place in the Pesta Port Dickson Sand Castle Competition.
Er.. okay.. that maybe not exactly the same but.. er.. ok just forget about it.


Anyway.. this is too long already. Phew!
I can’t believe you guys are still reading this. Hehe.
Okay.. fine!
Here are some pictures that I took on that day.
The first 3 are the ones that I submitted for the competition.
I won the best of theme for “Mess in Rules” together with another guy.
It’s a tie actually. The judges decided that both of us deserved it.
Credit to Jo who gave a lot of tips and advises to get this picture right.


Indulge Metropolitan


Mess in Rules


Goes Green


This picture was taken when we went up the BB Plaza Rooftop.


Taken when I was on the long steep escalator in Dang Wangi Station.


Ah! This just me, messing up the rules. Hahaha!


Some grafitti found near Pasar Seni LRT Station.


A flower shop near Petaling Street.


Credit to Jo for this photo – Kembang semangkuk!

You guys can check out the rest of the winners’ photos in Canon Malaysia website.



~ by Aidilz on November 19, 2008.

10 Responses to “Canon Photomarathon Asia 2008”

  1. sand castle competition? muahahahahAHAHAHAH!!!!

  2. so wat did u win? buy us lunch!

  3. tank: ekau golak yo? tercakap la pulak! adeh..

    cat: i just won a compact camera. lunch? can.. wait till i sold it first. 🙂

  4. eh, bestnye! all the best to you. that’s what i like being in sjung. alot of activities to do. 😀 i love photography but i dont have the eye for angles in photographs, i criticize them. muaahahah….

  5. Yeah chik anne. Thanks.
    Lotsa stuffs, events and places here but so lil time. Hehe.
    *ehem.. nanti bukan anne nk stay sini ke? 🙂

  6. Wah wah kemain lagi..Well I think I need to buy that kind of expensive camera to take good pictures..Instead of my crappy one..You said good camera not really a must to get a good picture, it’s the skills instead..That’s so not true..If you have a lousy disposable camera with the resolutions that you can count with your fingers, how to have those good photos?..Crap!

  7. Btw..Congrats!.. 🙂

  8. Thanks cik nurul. It really is not about the camera la dear..
    But a good camera play an important part as well.
    Jangan la loyau sgt camera tu.. payah gak. Hehehe.

    Nak beli camera? Balik sini la beli la! Meh!

  9. ok then explain why u spent so much on YOUR camera?

  10. not as much as SOME people lah..
    Quite ok la.. for me.. 😛

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