The one who got engaged

So many things happened these few weeks and I am really really exhausted!
I got tonnes of workloads, my sister just got engaged, I just returned from my backpack trip..
I dunno.. I know I need to manage it all some how.. the time and stuffs.
I need to be able to make it.


My elder sister got engaged early this month.
I am really happy for her. Sincerely happy.
After all that she has gone through.. she really deserve to be happy.
I’m praying that Ejai would be the person who could make her happy.
I really hope so..
I seriously never thought that she could recover from the trauma.
At first, I’m surprised when she told me that she is in a relationship. (What? already?)
Now, she’s already engaged and hopefully next year they’ll get married.
She moved on… and time really flies.. fast..



I didn’t really care or even understand much about Malay tradition before.
I mean, do you really need to get engaged before getting married?
I just don’t get it! I mean, I do know it’ll cost more money. Hehe. But why????
However, some of the tradition do have certain good points or values to it.
For example, our new neighbours insist that all of us ‘gotong-royong’ for the feast instead of hiring a caterer.
I’m really amazed that this kinda positive attitude or good demeanor still exists in PD! And to make it even more unbelievable, we just move in to our new house (I think less than a year).
But… to tell you the truth, it was really really tiring! Seriously! Very.. tiring!
The preparation for the ceremony was massive and exhausting, and then when it’s over and it’s time to wrapped up everything… hahaha.. it’s even worst!! Damn! Mcm nak patah pinggang.
Who would invite nearly 200 people to attend an engagement ceremony anyway!!! WTH!
That’s a lot of plates and glasses to wash okay! Not counting all the periuk belanga and all!


Anyway, that’s aside. Alhamdulillah.. at least all went well and smoothly.
My sister did complaint about certain things. Cheh! She’s being herself as always. Tak sah kalau tak komplen.
I know it’s not perfect and not exactly like in your dream sis, but it did went well right..?
I personally think that matters more and we should be grateful for it.


That is Ejai.. at this moment, he is my sister’s fiancee… my future brother in law.
He’s actually younger than me. A few years younger. ( You lucky sis… Heh)
My sister teased me on that day.. She said later after they got married, I have to call Ejai “abang”.
Ewww…!!!! Very funny sis! Not gonna happen.




Next, will be the wedding in March 2009.
They better hire a caterer for it. I’m not gonna wash any plates on that day!
Dad’s estimation of guest attending the wedding – Nearly 2000 people!

Oh! by the way.. this is me teasing my grandma. Hehehe.
She’s so sporting and cool!
Yeah.. she’s Chinese by the way.

Love ya grandma!! Peace yo!




~ by Aidilz on November 24, 2008.

5 Responses to “The one who got engaged”

  1. Congrats to K.Anne..Happy for her.. 🙂

  2. nurul: Sesama.. 🙂

  3. hey ur grandma is cute.

    so you’re part Chinese.. aaahhh, explains a lot…. 🙂

  4. she is cute!!!! hehehehe.
    yeah.. part Chinese..
    i know.. it’s weird.. half breed.

  5. grandma knows how to peace? cool! congrats. 🙂

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