Just a few updates for these past few days..

Me and Benny are currently conducting the new hires training which started yesterday.
It’s going to be conducted for around 3 weeks plus.. Damn..
There are 10 of them altogether. Cramped in the small 19B Training Room. Kesian.. Hehe.
This is my first time conducting a formal training here in AmEx.
Quite an experience I must say.. Haha.. and quite challenging as well.
But.. so far.. so good.
Each and everyone of them have their own characters and personalities.
I’ll update more on the training progress in the near future.
Interesting stuff  about the new hires:
Benjamin Yap aka Andrew Yap’s lil brother is one of the new hires.
Jagraj Singh – he remind me of  an ex-colleague of mine  – Tasvinder Singh  for some reason. Haha.

Amir is getting married this month! What a shocker.
Received his wet invitation card in the mail box today.
It’s wet because kena hujan la petang tadi!
Stupid postman.. pergi letak surat kat pintu gate buat apa? Post Box kan ada?
Anyway, the wedding invitation looks very nice.
It got pictures of him and his future wife (Hm.. who is this girl?) when both of them were still a baby.
Cutenya… Eh, bukan ko ye Amir. Bakal bini ko tu. Ahahaha.
Well.. still can’t believe it. But.. Congratz Mir! I’ll be there for sure.
This is something like what Malay said ” quiet-quiet sweet potato”.
Tinggal aku, Codie, Goon dgn Conda la ek? Hm…

I’ve sold the camera that I won in the Canon Photo Marathon last week to Zack’s cousin.
Now I’m thinking of selling the Canon S5 that I’m currently using.
I wanted to buy a DSLR instead. I think it’s time.
Lagipun, I need more exposure in using this type of camera to improve my skills (I’m still an amateur remember?).
Plus, there’re a lot of promotion going on right now.
I’m eyeing the Sony Alpha 200 which include 2 Kit Lens. *Drool..
A few days ago, I placed an advert in mudah.com.my for my S5.
Got a few responds from potential buyer but the price they offered were too low.
Alo kawan, I know la it’s just a secondhand camera but if you offered me less than RM1K is damn too ridiculous okay.
Hm.. still got time.. Just have to wait for the right buyer I guess. Sabar..

I miss you.
I don’t know why, but I miss you.
Every single day… Everytime.. always..
I can’t stop thinking about you.
I just can’t. It drives me crazy sometimes.
I wish I can see you everyday but I know it’s impossible.

You know what?
I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future.
I can’t predict the future.
I don’t even have the answers for everything.
I know that the choice I’ve made comes with a huge risk.
I know people might say I’m stupid or wasting my time.
but I’m glad…
Coz life is damn too short.
What I want to do is enjoy the journey and cherish every moment of it while I still have the time.
I don’t care about what other people wanna say or think.
No regrets!



~ by Aidilz on December 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Updates”

  1. Indeed! Life is too damn short..

  2. I like canon-photo very much

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