First of all.. new hires training completed.
On top of that, I finished the US market specific training as well.
With help from Benny and Suyin (thanks a million), all my trainings were right on schedule.
Itu pun after the schedule was amended for a few times. Hehe.
Flexibility Rocks!
IDs for the new hires pun rasanya just left a few more. Mostly for US market. Lembab betul.
Hm.. I hope they learnt something from my training.
It’s hard to learn about auths in theory. Basically, live calls and hands-on are the best.
They’ll start their buddy session starting from next week for 2 weeks.
Hopefully, no teary incident like last week. Ehehe. Gila ko Jo! Sampai menangis minah tu.

I still remember my training when I first joined AmEx.
The trainers that time are Ryan, YYY, Shoba and Jeya.. kalau tak silap la.
There’s this trial thingy and they wanted to see how effective it is.
(what an excuse right?, I felt like a lab rat that time).
Classroom training for less than a week for systems.. and then they dumped us on the floor for the live calls.
On the job learning and training they said.
Hahahaha. It was a disaster! All 7 countries call in one shot!
But I turn out to be okay after all. Heh. Oh, and Anizah too. We’re the last ones left from our batch.

However, it’s really different now..
You new hires now are so damn lucky.. They even asked me for a copy of the powerpoint slides. Hahaha.
Training for 2-3 weeks and then buddy session for another 2 weeks.
That’s more than a month to get prepared before actually taking the calls on your own.
And on top of that, you get paid in full as if you’re already taking the calls. Damn!


Anyway, I hope they all turn out to be okay. So.. Good luck guys!
Oh, by the way. If there’s anything you need or if you need any assistance, don’t call me.
You might see me at my place but I’m actually not there. That’s just your freakin imagination.
I’m really not there. Stop calling my phone and waste your time.
The ext. 1772 is not working anymore. It’s just a display on the board for no purpose.
Okay? Understand? Good.

So many drama and crazy things happened during my 2 weeks plus training.
I know most of them are still young but *sigh..
There is only one word to describe it lor.. “Respect”. Some of them really lack of it.
How do you expect me to treat you like an adult if you don’t act like one huh??
Some of them did test my patience at some point. But.. ah.. I just let it be.
It’s their own loss if they don’t want to learn. I can only do so much.
If you think you’re smart enough then I guess maybe you are.
When you’re on your own.. you’ll find a way to get through it. I hope.

P/S: Pictures above are taken from Benjamin’s blog. Wahahah! Sankyu!


Enough about that.
What else? Hm.. Oh. Merry belated Christmas for those who are celebrating it.
I received a few gifts unexpectedly.
We have these tradition of playing Secret Santa in the office every Christmas.
My mortals are Anne and Hanna.
I gave Anne a cute toy which I dunno what it’s called. It’s imported from Japan.
Suppose to give a calming effect when you observe the toy’s head sway from side to side.
Dunno how true is it.
For Hanna, I gave her a T-Shirt. The print on it is actually a rare design. Special. Hehehe.
Bought it from a boutique in BB Plaza. I also gave her a Torres keychain.
Hope both of them love my gifts.
Susah betul nak pilih hadiah untuk orang kan? Especially for a woman. Hahaha.

On the other hand..
For the Secret Santa thingy, I got a perfume set. Givenchy Very Irresistable.
I didn’t expect it at all. Yep! I am surprised.
Especially after knowing the communicated budget is nothing less than 15 bucks.
Thanks Sarah. It’s really nice of you. Not my favorite brand but thanks a lot.
Seriously, you shouldn’t have spend that much eventho it’s on sale. Hehe.



Hm.. I got from Jeehan a Polo shirt. Nice! and to make it even nicer.. it fits!
Hahahahaha. If it’s from Jamil, I doubt it’ll fit lah. Especially after experienced it myself.
He always thought I’m small like his kids. Duh!
Thanks Jeehan. Your card has a deep meaning to it. I’ll remember it always! And thanks for the donuts as well.




Cat gave me a Nike long sleeves shirt. Thanks Cat. But the size is a bit small tho. Hehehe.
Am I getting bigger nowadays? Or did I look thin in your eyes? Er.. Ko perli aku ke ni Cat?
Anyway, it’s very nice and thoughtful of you.  Nanti aku belanja coffee okay?




Suyin gave me a Keroro figurine. Hahaha!! I love it! Now I have 2 dy.
I assembled it as soon as I reached home that night.
It’s so cute. Someone ask me, “is it a frog?” Hahahaha.
It’s actually an alien that look like a frog la… and yeah it’s green.
Thanks a bunch Suyin. Love it!
I placed it next to my bed so that when I wake up, I’ll look at it and laugh. Heh. Works everytime.



Lastly I got a photo album.
Thanks a bunch Jean! It’s very sweet of you.. but it’s in pink colour? Hahaha!
Kidding.. Kidding.. It’s ok. I’m actually surprised you got something for me.
I’ll put a lot of pictures in it okay? And thanks for the note as well.


That’s pretty much what happened during Christmas time.
I, ehem, ehem got myself a new phone.
Wahahahaha!!! I am happy max!

At the beginning, I was actually in dilemma whether to buy myself a Sony PSP or a new phone.
It’s a treat for myself after working my ass off for the whole year.
A promise that I made to myself every year.
After much surveying, it seems to be that the PSP price was increased recently.
It’s ridiculous actually, especially after Sony launched the new and improved PSP 3000.
Maybe because it was not cracked yet to play those downloaded games, the price for the old model spiked. I dunno.
Then after much thought plus poisons from Benny and Suyin…

I decided to get a new phone instead.

My old phone is really old actually but still working fine. I have no complaint.
But I guess it’s time, and the timing can’t even be better.
I present to you: LG KP500 aka Cookie!




My first ever touch screen handphone! I’m so proud of myself. Hehehe.
Need to get used to it though. It’s a bit tricky to type text messages especially after you’re already used to keypad for years.. and years.
It’s maybe not as cool as Apple iphone or Samsung Omnia but for a basic user like me..
I’m happy enough with all the functions available in the phone.
And it’s pretty slick and cool as well.

Oh.. the price tag is RM880 plus a 2 GB memory card courtesy of the bargaining power of Suyin and Benny.
I’m just following them, they do the talking. Hehehe.
Recommended retail price is RM899 with 1 GB.

It’s a very good buy for a touch screen phone that have a 3″ screen.
In the end, all three of us end up buying the same phone model!

Hahaha! Cookie freaks!


Okay.. that’s all for now. Talked lots of craps dy.

For all readers, wherever you are.. Selamat menyambut Tahun Baru Maal Hijrah an Happy New Year 2009.

Small talk:  Ommelette, scrambled or sunny side up? Take your pick.


~ by Aidilz on January 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Blessed..”

  1. fatty, give it back.

    • oi.. apa ni.. ugly elbow (buruk siku)!
      It’s a motivation for me to become thinner so that I can fit the shirt!

  2. ..I need a new phone too..!! Badly..I think I’m gonna get another iphone to replace the one fell from the second floor down..Badly damaged..Maybe 3G this time even I don’t even gonna use that thing..But still an iphone still an iphone..Apple cool!! 😉

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