Hello 2009.. 1st year anniversary.



A Brand new year..
New chapter..
New resolutions..
New goals..
New things to experience..
New places to go..

It’s been a year since I started blogging.
I shared most of my experience.. my thoughts.. my feelings.. here.
There’s happy times, gloomy times, lonely times..

I wonder how is my performance so far?
Not that impressive I guess.

The journey just started.. so many challenges and obstacles lies ahead.
Let’s move on together and enjoy the moment!

Hm.. I’ve said it before.. But I’ll said it again.. and again..
Miss you so much! Sincerely..
Every single day..  every single minute..  every single second..
Hope this year will be the best for you, me and all of us.


Small talk:  Congratz to Tank and Anne who just got a baby girl. Her name is Dahlia..  Cute name!


~ by Aidilz on January 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hello 2009.. 1st year anniversary.”

  1. Happy New Year!! haha a bit too late I suppose..

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