The one with the scale


I came across an article in the net ’bout my star sign today.
I don’t believe in horoscope. (Dosa wei..)
But just for the fun of it, I read it anyway.
At least, it made me laugh.

The one that caught my attention is this piece.

Negative Side of Libra Character

They are
1. notoriously flirtatious (huh? since when?),
2. gullible (quite true.. kena conned banyak kali dah),
3. soft (er.. no comment),
4. self indulgent (what the hell??),
5. easily influenced (same like the gullible part juz now la.. ),
6. changeable (macam tukar baju?)
7. indecisive ( *sigh.. to be or not to be?).

Librans are supposed to have a wavering personality because they try to evaluate a situation from all angles before coming to a fair final decision that is best for all.
(Hahaha.. Yeah rite.. )

Boredom makes them lethargic and others have to take the initiative to refresh and pep them up.
(Explain why Cat have to drive all the time and make all the decisions when we hang out..  Heh!)

Although Librans make excellent team members, they are lacking in leadership qualities.
(Coz of the gullible and easily influenced stuffs just now is it..?? )

He can be at times imperious and narcissistic.
(This is so not true lor… I really forgot where is my ego.. misplaced it somewhere maybe)

Their craving for romance brings about their ruin. Their heads are ruled by their hearts.
(Hah!!? Er.. Hm.. Ehem.. That’s it.. I’m screwed forever! Stop laughing Cat!)

Librans enjoy the reputation of being indolent and they have mastered the art of procrastination.
(Heh.. they really can write negative things in a not so very negative way. Cool!)


Damn.. I even need a dictionary just to understand those bombastic words they used.
Stupid horoscope! I can’t even pronounce “narcissistic” properly.


~ by Aidilz on January 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “The one with the scale”

  1. if u cant pronounce ‘narcissistic’ correctly, just say ‘catherine’… same meaning, very interchangeable…. heh…

  2. you bring out the Leo in me. take your scales and GO! (or do u need me to drive you. again?)

  3. Naziah: that’s really a very good idea! Hehe.

    Cat: yes, please.. drive me again.. and again.. and again..
    let’s go Penang!!!

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