Save as..




~ by Aidilz on February 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “Save as..”

  1. sad but nice.

  2. aidilz.. emo siao…hang in there bro.. when bad things happen, good things are bound to come. ^^ look at the bright side, ill still get to go n have ciggies with u..WAahahahahahha!!

  3. gambattene !!!! ada lagi org yg alone nun dkt somalia ke africa tuh.. =) cheer up k…

  4. Am sorry I have to say this..I don’t like this one..Don’t whine about being alone..Do something about it!! Get drunk, wasted!! Take a break!!..Club!! Or whatever!! Do something!! Dont be mad at me 😉 ..But am I right?.. 😛

    • It’s okay.. This post was written only on that particular time when I’m feeling so down with so many things happened in my life all at the same time.
      I guess you’re right, but I won’t choose those activities you mentioned tho.
      Get wasted huh? Hehehe.. That’s you lar.
      I’m okay now. Don’t worry.

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