Work Life Balance

I’ve been busy these past few days.
And.. will be busy for the coming weeks as well.
Too many things to do.. so lil time.

I need to manage..  somehow.

I got badminton games tonite and on Sunday. I just can’t say no..
I got deadline for training hurdles and flashers. Work.. work.. and more work.
I need a refresher on Singapore Procedures. I’m handling this ‘nice’ market from Benny.
I got a briefing to give tomorrow during lunch time. WTH?!
I got team outing tomorrow after work. Meaning I have to stayback after work.. again.
I was selected to become one of the Sports Club Team Captain. Why me?!! Why?
I got an exam this Saturday and I’m not even prepared. I’m screwed.. that’s for sure.
I need to help my sister’s wedding preparation. She’s getting married in 2 weeks time. Yikes!
I need to get my car repaired.. again. A branch fell on it. What a luck..
I need to decide if I can/want to go to UK. It’s up to you God.

Work, Life Balance can kiss my ass!



~ by Aidilz on February 18, 2009.

One Response to “Work Life Balance”

  1. welcome to the world of trainers!at least u’re getting some work done…:)

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