Bisa atau ngak bisa?

This is where I’m gonna be next week.
Yogyakarta, Indonesia.



Why did I choose to travel here?
Hm.. obviously because it’s cheap. Dirt cheap I must say,  Hehe.
Return air tix + 4D 3N accomodation including breakfast + 4 Days tour with guide + Airport Transfer.
All of this costs me around : a few thousands.. rupiah only. Hehe.
Actually, all in all it’s less than RM500.

Well, let’s see.. other than the cheap bargain..
Jakarta is too hectic.
Bandung is for shopaholic.
Medan is not that fantastic.
Bali.. hm.. too nostalgic. Heh.
So, the only place left is.. Yogyakarta the historic.



Who will be my travelmates for this long awaited trip?
The Phuket boys again-lah, who else..

Sham – he wants to check out the music scene there.
Apparently, there’s alot of street buskers in Yogya.
That’ll be interesting to watch. Oh, and the live bands. Cool!

Zack – first time to travel overseas + we dragged him along.
Gotta green light from his girlfriend. Hehehe.
Malas nak comment panjang2. Nanti ada yang terasa pulak.
Dude, this is your chance to see the world with your buddies.
Enjoy it but don’t spoil it ok?

Didi – katanya nak balik ke kampung halaman.
Hahaha. Funny-lah bro. Didi is my cool ex-housemate.
Jangan dilupain jalan pulangnya ya mas? Hahaha! Practice! Practice!

Kay – at first I thought he couldn’t join us.
He’s in the middle of preparing for his engagement.
But, for some reason he decided to join and maybe this could be his last trip with us.
Tau-tau jer lah.. Dah kahwin karang takkan nak tinggal bini kat umah plak kan?
Tak pasal2 jer karang.

So, that all for now.
More updates soon.
More surprises I hope.
Can’t wait to take lotsa pictures during this trip.

Short talk:
Crap! I have to move out from my house by the end of this month.
Yet I still don’t have a place to stay. *sigh


~ by Aidilz on April 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bisa atau ngak bisa?”

  1. sigh. i must make more money so that i can travel like you!

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