The one who I once knew..


People change..
That’s a fact.. and that’s reality.
Reality bites and sometimes it sucks.
People could change to be better.
And yes.. people could change to be bad as well.

Okay,  I’ve known a friend..
Hm.. I don’t know if I could call that person a friend anymore.
Maybe just a fellow acquaintance.

We lost contact for more than 8 years I think?
Anyway, we’ve known each other for quite sometime.. sometime way back.
Okaylah.. zaman masa muda remaja aka time darah panas dulu.
Kawan masa sekolah. So classmate la.



Recently we bumped into each other – online.
Biasalah.. zaman friendster, facebook ni.
Tetiba jer ada la member2 lama yang dulu menghilang, muncul balik.
My first impression..
OMG!! WTH?!!

What on earth you’ve turned into?
She totally changed.. I mean literally changed in almost everything.
She have become a totally new person.
I could barely recognize her..
The way she dressed up, where she work, her new hobby..
And she play tennis and golf now?
Holy crap.


Somehow, I managed to get her latest update.
She’s doing okay.. in the process of finishing her MBA.
Having a good position in a well known company.
Traveled abroad a lot, here and there. Stuffs like that.
Did I mentioned golf? Oh, yeah I did.
Phew.. Golf huh?
I always thought golf is a lame sport.
or rather a plain expensive sport… which I can’t afford to play even if I want to.
Again.. reality bites me in the ass. As usual.

I just want to say that.. she’s no longer the same person I knew anymore..
In a way, it’s good to know she changed to have a better life and a better future.
But.. I don’t know.. Something is not right somewhere.
I guess I’m just freakin’ jealous or maybe…

Some shit never change. Ahaks! 😀


Nice to meet you again M.
If you’re reading this. I know I owe you an apology or apologies.
Anyway, let’s meet up and I’ll belanja you a teh tarik.
Oh.. maybe a cuppa caramel macchiato instead huh? 😛


~ by Aidilz on April 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “The one who I once knew..”

  1. macam kenal je…ahaks.

  2. it’s been quite a while…miss those days in seratas…
    maybe i’m not one of the person u know well but it’s seem that u r doing quite well now…walaupun dulu ko n others such as amir, pak nine, cupin n etc. maybe a lil bit darah panas but now…u r rite when saying people could change to be better…cikgu khairil maybe proud of what we are now…

    • Ah! ustaz shaari. The good and well behave one among the rest of us.
      Thanks for dropping by.
      Yeah.. those days in seratas was great and full of memories indeed.

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