Post malas

What a hot Saturday..

I’m at home doing my post processing stuffs and editing.
So many pictures and those taken from Didi’s camera are not with me yet.
Darn.. there must be hundreds.. *sigh.
Malas la pulak bila fikir.

As you can see, I’ve changed the blog header with a picture of Borobudur.
The rest of the pictures will be posted soon.
I need to sort it out and choose the best first.
Which.. will take some time since banyak sangat.
Most of it will be saved in my photobucket.

Ah.. So many things to do tomorrow.
I hope it’ll not be as hot as today or even rain.
Will go and visit my sis in Putrajaya.
And then, maybe meeting some friends while I’m there for tea.
Lastly, a badminton tournament at night. Yeah!

Before I signoff, here is a picture of Borobudur that I took during my recent trip to Jogja.
I took it right after the entrance gate.
The rest will be posted soon.
(Okay, not so soon.. but hopefully not that long la)




~ by Aidilz on April 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Post malas”

  1. such a nice view…hope dpt explore abroad cam ko…maybe in future…huhu…

    • yeah.. nice view but really hot. Hahaha. Insyallah. U should travel and explore bro.
      There’re a lot of interesting places with breathtaking view out there.

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