Yogyakarta Travelogue – Part I

I’ve been caught up with deadlines and bunch loads of stuffs after the Yogyakarta trip.
Sorry la kalau lambat update. Honto Gomenasai!
I know some of you are waiting for me to upload the pictures that I took during the trip.

Ok, this post will be the part one out of two.
The part two, you guys just have to wait a bit longer la ok?
I don’t even know sempat ke tak nak update. Hehehe.

Anyway.. *drum roll*.. Here it goes.

Date: 14th – 17th April 2009
Destination: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Depart: LCCT, Sepang
Departure Time: 3.05pm
Arrival: Adisucipto International Airport

Day1: Departure and Hotel Check In

Our flight was delayed (biasalah Air Asia) for an hour and 35 minutes.
However, we’re informed ’bout it a week or so in advance. So, not so bad la.
Bolehlah manage the time.

didi skodeng

Didi waiting patiently to snap the flight attendant’s picture.
Hehehe. Kantoi!!

We reached Yogyakarta around 6.45pm.
For those yang tak tau, Indonesia is an hour late from Malaysia.
Tapi bila dah sampai sana memang dah gelap la.

arrival - adisucipto airport

Happy to arrived safely. The airport doesn’t look that International to me lah.

Since we took the tour package from the hotel.. they included the airport transfer as well.
So, ada la orang pick us up from the airport
The name of the driver is Bapak Bambang Hariyadi. Very nice and friendly guy.
We all stayed at Duta Garden Guest House and it’s around 20 minutes from the airport.

We checked in to the hotel and they gave us 3 rooms instead of 2.
I’m sharing with Afat. Didi with Kay and Sham got a room for himself
One of the best thing ’bout the hotel is they’ll serve you tea and cakes once you arrived.
At first I thought it’s a one off service thing like a welcome treat. But in actually, we’re served this everytime we reached back to the hotel from the tour for all 3 days. Cool huh?

tea time treat

Nothing fancy, but it never failed to make me smile.

That night itself, we all went out to hunt for local food.
Indonesian food is not much different compared to Malaysian food in general.
In Yogyakarta, there’re a lot of small stalls and food stands being setup along the road.
If you are someone who are really particular with cleanliness and hygiene…
Hm.. This kinda place is not for you. Strictly for those with strong stomach.
The most common food that you’ll find here are Satay, Bakso, Bakmi and Nasi Goreng.

We decided to try out the food in one of the stall near our hotel.
The hotel’s receptionist told us to try Warung Wak Tedjo which is just a few minutes walk.
We ordered satay ayam, satay daging and also bakso.
Did you know that they also sell satay kuda? Now, THAT is something you won’t find in Malaysia.
I wonder what it taste like? Hehehe.

grill chicken satay

Satay fresh baru grill. The kuah here got kicap in it. Weird taste. I preferred our peanuts sauce tho.


The famous bakso. Oh.. macam ni rupa dia.. baru tau.

satay sticks

Lepas makan letak lidi dlm bakul ni. Ish.. Horror betul!

Satay Ayam & Kambing & Afat

The Satay Kambing hardcore fan.

Altogether the dinner cost us around RM6 per person. 
After dinner, we all took the trishaws aka “Beca” for sightseeing around Prawirotaman.
1 Beca costs around 15,000Rp which is around RM5 for 2 hours. Not bad.
Pakcik who drove me in his Beca is called Pak Moki.
An old uncle who looks intimidating but he’s actually a nice guy.
He took us around the housing area, an art gallery and also a place where the locals create wayang kulit’s puppet.
The Prawirotaman art gallery

The art gallery near Prawirotaman – all the paintings are by the local artists.

Prawirotaman - Aidil

Some of the paintings.. I realized that Javanese artists are more keen on realists concept.

The arjuna wayang kulit

Sapa la yang enter-frame kat belakang tu? Potong betul la.

Wayang kulit or shadow puppet play is very popular here in Yogyakarta.
This is a raw wayang kulit of “Arjuna”.
It is crafted from buffalo’s skin and handmade to perfection.
Very fine creation and it took the creator 2 weeks to complete it.
Here, we spent around 1 hour at the creator’s place to learn more about wayang kulit.


Day 2: Borobudur and Prambanan Temple Visit

My hotel's room

Cosy room with a pool view. Nice! 

We started the day with buffet breakfast in the hotel itself at 6.30am. WTH?!
Throughout our stay, the menu didn’t change.. at all.
I guess that’s the only weakness of the hotel la.
Let’s see.. they have coffee, tea, orange juice, fruits, breads, eggs (I prefer scrambled), fried meehoon and the popular “nasi goreng mengantuk”.
Hahaha.. lepas makan, mesti rasa nak tido. Hampeh!

Breakfast at Duta Garden

My usual breakfast menu for 3 days in a row. *sigh


Here is the hotel’s pool. On the right is our rooms. Hehe. Best!

pool side landscape

The landscape at the pool. Tranquility..

Duta Garden Entrance

The entrance of Duta Garden Guesthouse.

The first destination for today’s tour is the Borobudur Temple.
The journey from our hotel took around an hour. Agak jauh jugak la..
Our driver for the tour is Pak Man. He’s a nice local guy and also quite chatty. Heh!

Borobudur entrance tickets

Borobudur – Entrance tickets.

We reached Borobudur at 9am.
The entrance fee is quite expensive I would say. Lebih kurang RM40 la per person.
However, since we took the tour package our price is slightly cheaper. Kira okay la tu.

International visitor will need to enter via visitor centre and in it, they have free hot beverages.
Also here, they give us options whether we want to include a private tour guide.
The guide will cost 50,000Rp. Since we’ll split it among 5 of us, why not right?
Our guide’s name is Dariyat and he took us to the temple from the East Gate, all the way to the top.

First we went to the Borobudur museum to learn more about the temple’s history and all.
I’m not gonna tell you the history of this magnificent Buddha’s temple here.
If you guys want to know more about it, just click on the Wiki link.


Borobudur - early days

During the early days, when they first discovered the temple.

Borobudur - before the gate

Before the gate – We can see the temple from far..

borobudur - setting 1

borobudur - setting 2

I used 2 different focus setting for both pictures above. The result: Not bad. Hehe.

Borobudur - Zoom in

This main stupa picture from far – zoomed in.

Borobudur - the cute guardian

This is one of the 2 guardians located at the foot of the temple. Cute kan?
Macam dia panggil – come, come. Er.. is it a tiger, lion or dog?

Borobudur temple - wide 1

borobudur - wide 2

Borobudur – side view.

Borobudur - group photo

Group photo – tapi Sham takde.. sbb dia tukang ambik gambar. Hehe.

borobudur - From the top view

From the top of  Borobudur view – it’s surrounded by montains and trees.

borobudur - buddha statue

One of the Buddha statue.

Every Buddha’s position actually have a meaning to it.
In the picture above, the Buddha is in meditation position.
Both the Buddha’s hands are resting together on the lap.
This gesture represents the perfect balance of thought and tranquility.

I’ve made a few photo collages. Hehehe. It’s really funny.
Didi, Kay.. jangan marah ar.. Hehehe.

Briefing Collage

Bapak-bapak semua, selepas ini aktiviti bebas ya?

Cam Action Collage

Didi dgn Kay – Macam pro siot! Hahaha! Kay, apa lagi angkat satu DSLR la.

Crazy Collage

Don’t ask  me why.. sometimes things like this happened during a trip. 😛

The weather during our trip here is blistering hot. It was 39 Celcius hot.
Anyway, the main attractions of the temple for me are the carvings and the stupas.
The arrangement and to think how they manage to built it with precise accuracy.. I’m amazed.
Back then, they don’t have sophisticated tools like we have today.
Semua pakai natives tools and angkat pakai barehands jer kot? Respect!

Carving Collage

Some of the carving and reliefs on the wall of the temple. That’s art! 

borobudur - the stupas

The main stupas surrounded by the lil stupas.

borobudur - top

The circle platfoms on top of the square platforms.

borobudur - stupas

The stupas arrangement surrounding the main stupa is flawless.

borobudur - mystery stupa

In each of the stupas – there’s actually a buddha statue in it. Amazing!

Borobudur - Buddha Statue

The Buddha statue with the hand position of dharmachakra mudra.

Borobudur - view from the top

View from the top – Luasnya mata memandang..

After approximately 2 hours plus, it’s time for us to leave.
We actually learn something new and this was an experience we’ll definitely not forget.
Tak cukup masa sebenarnya.. 2 jam macam sekejap sangat.
But, no choice lah.. Have to go on with our next tour itinerary.

Borobudur - Me

Tak boleh duduk sebenarnya atas tu.. tapi.. hehehe.

borobudur - bye bye

This is me saying goodbye. Hehe.

Aidil @ Borobudur

Such a lovely place.. if only I have the opportunity to snap pictures during sunrise or sunset.

Magnificent  Borobudur

This was taken from Didi’s camera. Nak tunggu sampai takde orang mcm ni? Berjanggut!

Borobudur harrassment

After we went down from the temple.. Hahaha..
We called it Borobudur Harrassment!
I know they’re trying to make a living and all.. but.. phew!
They are very very persistant!
They’ll follow you all the way till you reached the exit gate.
Ada la a few of us yang “tertewas”. Hahahaha.
I bought a few postcards here.. kira mcm charity la.
I know it’s way much more cheaper outside.


Alright! That’s all for now.
Stay tuned for Part 2…




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