Yogyakarta Travelogue – Part II

So this will be the final part of my Yogyakarta Trip.

After we managed to escape from the Borobudur Harrassment, we continued our trip to Kaliurang District.
What is there? Well, it’s the famous Mount Merapi.
Mount Merapi is one of the most active volcano mountain in Asia.
Last time the volcano erupted was in April 2006.
Hm.. exactly 3 years now.. Scary..

I didn’t manage to take any pictures because the mountain was heavily covered with mist and smoke.
While we’re sitting there at the foot of the mountain.. we can’t help to think, what if.. Hehe. Bengong!

Ok, next stop is Prambanan Temple.
But before that, we stopped by for lunch.
We had Nasi Padang with fried village chicken (ayam kampung goreng la tu).
Not bad, but I’ve tasted better..

We started our tour around 4.00pm.
It’s not that hot and not so many people around as well.
Again the entrance tickets were paid to Pak Man.
This time it’s slightly cheaper than Borobudur’s.

Prambanan - ticket

The Prambanan temple entrance tickets

The Prambanan is one of the largest Hindu’s temple in South East Asia.
The temple is also included in UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Prambanan - announcement

The announcement at the entrance gate. Notice the grammar errors? ūüôā

The temple was badly damaged during the earthquake in Jawa back then in 2006.
It seems that the reconstruction work are still in progress.
But, how come there’s no one working? Tak cukup budget nk bayar workers ke?
Sayangnya… Semua dah ada kat Malaysia kot? Heh.

Prambanan Before and After

The board РBefore and after the earthquake images.

Sendatari Ramayan Board

Ramayana show – at night..

Prambanan - Group photo

Masing2 pose ntah apa-apa. Haha.

Prambanan - temple entrance

The temple entrance. Koboi mana lak inter frame aku ni?

Prambanan - temple 01

One of the shrines..

There are 3 main shrines in Prambanan Temple.
They call it Trimurti and it was built as a dedication for the three gods:
Brahma the Creator.
Vishnu the Keeper.
Shiva the Destroyer.

Which one is which.. I’m not sure. Hehe.

Prambanan temple sunlight

One of my best shots. I think?  Sunlight on shrine.

Prambanan - hidden temple

I took this more than 10 times to get this composition and setting right. Nice!

Kay Poyo

Strange creature were found wandering around the temples. The local called it Khairulus Poyous. Hahaha.

Prambanan - the royal guards

I like this picture. I called it Prambanan Part time Royal Guards. Hehe.

After around 1 and a half hour, it’s time for us to leave.
The temple’s compound park¬†is huge. It even have a mini zoo in it.
Overall, this tour is more relaxing¬†. Plus there’s no Prambanan Harrassment this time. Hehehe.

Prambanan Temple from park

Goodbye Prambanan..

Prambanan - temple park compound

On our way out.. this is the temple’s compound park.

We reached our hotel around 6pm.
Damn tired la wei today. Too much walking around..
Nak keluar makan pun malas.. So, we had our dinner in the hotel itself.

Day 3: Krebet Village, Silver Factory, Sultan Palace and Malioboro Street.

Today after breakfast, we took off to Krebet Village to see handicrafts making and the famous batik on wood.
Like Malaysian, ehem.. Indonesian also are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and creativity.
The journey took us to a place quite far from the town area.
We passed by a few interesting views such as paddy fields, villages, orchards and fish ponds.

Funny moments collage

Sorang rindu kena leter, sorang lagi kemaruk rindu awek.. Haha..

Krebet Village - Crafted Buddha

This piece (landscape deco, maybe) was handcrafted by the local РBeautiful..

Krebet Village - Waterlily

Waterlily.. Love it!

Silver Factory - Oldman

An uncle who works in the silver factory. He’s cleaning the jewelry in case you don’t know.

Silver factory - Workplace

The silver factory’s workplace. If I work here.. I’ll die out of boredom. Confirmed!

Next stop is to Sultan Palace or also known as Kraton.
This is where the Sultan stay or used to.. since it have become a tourist spot now.
Entance fee is 12,500Rp plus 1,000Rp if you’re bringing a camera.
The palace is quite huge and certain areas in the palace are restricted to visitor.

Sultan Palace - Group Photo

This is our tour guide – he can speak 4 different languages including Dutch and Germans.

Sultan Palace - Monster Lock

One of the gate’s bad ass monstrous lock.

Sultan Palace - Royal Guards

Sultan’s royal guards taking a break.

Some of the guards have been serving the Sultan for more than 30 years.
Patutlah semua pun dah tua-tua..
I like how they explained the reason why the ‘keris’ is placed at the back rather than at the side.
It’s a symbolic gestures of peace and to avoid confrontation.
Actually there’re more but I can only remember those two. Hehe.

Sultan Palace - Puppet Master

The puppet master showing off the Hanuman shadow puppet.

Sultan Palace - Musical Show

The Musical show at the Sultan Palace.

Sultan Palace - Dance Show

The princess dance – this is not the real princess tho. She’s in the States right now, studying.

Sultan Palace - Show

During the show – Kay tak habis2 dgn iphone dia. Cheh!

Sultan Palace - Entrance


The last destination for today is to Malioboro Street.
This long stretch of street is famous for shopping.
Here you can find stuffs like batiks, handicrafts, t-shirts, souveniors etc.
You can bargain and it’s pretty cheap too.
After walk around and shop a bit, we took the Beca back to our hotel.
End of day 3. Capek banget deh..

Menu - Food

The typical Yogyakarta food – it’s really funny when we asked the waiter to describe the food.

Es Soda Gembira

This drink is called Es Soda Gembira – kat Malaysia kitorang panggil Air Bandung Berkarbonat. Hehe.

Day 4: Taman Sari and Pasar Burung

Me and Afat decided not to join this tour but just hang around Prawirotaman area.
The rest continued with the tour.
Afat lepak at the hotel’s pool to get a tan. WTH?

Teh Botol

Selling colourful drinks – including the famous teh botol.

Street Photo - Beca Rider

Penarik beca.

Street Photo - Signboard

The colourful signboard at Prawirotaman.

Street Photo - Demi

Self motivation

This photo was taken by Sham and it grabbed my attention in an instant.
It says on the basket ” Demi Istri Yang Manja” – (For my¬†loving wife).
And on the tires cover, it says “Doa Ibu” – (Mother’s Prayer).
Ah.. very touching.. By the way, what’s Manja in English ar?

Food - Gule Ayam

My last meal in Yogyakarta – Gule Ayam.

Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak.

The most expensive and rarest coffee in the world.
I think it was shown in Oprah once and it’s being sold here in Yogyakarta as well.
A cup of this coffee will cost you around RM30.
That’s 3 cups of Starbucks. Hehe.
I searched the net and I found out the origin of the coffee..
Hmm.. Now I know why it’s rare and expensive.
But I don’t know why you would want to try a drink¬†made from something that came out from an animal ass?

This two are my best pictures for the whole trip.
These kids were just finished school and their dad came to pick them up.
At first their faces were a bit gloomy.. I don’t know maybe dad came late than usual? Heh.
But as soon as they looked at me with my camera.. and I was about to snap their picture..
They smiled..  Aw..  Hehehe. So Cute!!!

Street Photo - Kids 1

Street Photo - Kids Kawaii


That’s all for the trip…
It’s a memorable trip and I learnt more about other people’s culture, traditions and history.
Eventhough it’s only for 4 days.. I am really glad that I’ve been here.
Something new and something unique..

Bapak Man

Bapak Man – Our tour guide aka our driver. Always with a smile..

In Flight

Sayonara Yogyakarta.. Till we meet again.

Passport Stamp

Stamp! Stamp!

Till then..




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  1. dang I missed Jogja.
    kopi luwak is exceptional, but I got a chance to taste that one in other Indon continent.

    waaah best dpt g EU. when when when laaaa my turn ūüôā

  2. helpful post.

  3. Hi There…I like your blog about Yogyakarta, my I know what the name of silver factory that at your picture?

    Georgia USA.

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