What’s up doc?

I know.. I know..
I still haven’t update anything for my Europe trip.
Sorry la ye.. Busy sangat2!

So many things happened these few weeks.
I couldn’t find proper time to sort out the pics and update the blog.
I just came back from my hometown last weekend.
My parents shifted to a new house.
It’s a total mess. Really tiring..

Nak jadi cerita, my mum told me about the auntie who lives next door.
She’s actually my mum’s friend. Best friend la agaknya kot.
Ada ke patut dia cakap dia nak sangat jadi besan dgn my mum?
Aduiyai! Headache! Headache!
Bukannya aku kenal anak dia pun.. And I don’t think she knows me either.
Match making is so uncool okay!
Payah la aku nak balik kampung next time. Peh!

Just finished my PMP (My Mid Year Performance Report).
It’s really a pain in the ass, honestly.
Nak ‘goreng’ pun tak berapa pandai dah.
Hm.. I used to be really good at that. Heh.
Submitted the ‘copy and paste’ version to David just now. Hehe.

My dad got a job in Brunei.
Offshore thingy and he got a contract for 9 months I think.
Hm.. When he told me that he passed the test, I can’t help to feel amazed and worried at the same time.
The test includes jumping from a helicopter to an open sea and swim for a few miles to safety.
Yeah.. I know.. crazy right? Only 5 out of 8 persons passed that test.
My dad memang tak boleh duduk diam kat rumah.
He loves to work and that’s why my mum can’t say anything.

This Sunday I got an assessment at INTENGAH, KL.
Best part is.. I haven’t prepared anything for it.
Heck! I don’t even know what to prepare and what they have in store for me.
The assessment used to be 3 full days, but they decided to shorten it to 1 day instead.
Maybe the Government nak cut cost kot? Hehe.
Anyway, wish me luck! I really really really need it lor..
I don’t know whether I can pull this one off.
Just wait and see.

Let’s see.. What else huh?
Hm.. New Hire Training starts tomorrow. *sigh.. what’s new?
Cross Training for Singapore market starts next week. Bummer..
Oh! yeah.. I’ve watched Transformers – Thanks to Amex Sports Club.
Bumblebee is so cool! Hehe. Love it!

Next movie to watch will be Ice Age 3. 🙂
I wonder should I watch it in 3D? Hm…

Coming soon..

Houses of Parliament




~ by Aidilz on June 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “What’s up doc?”

  1. match-making…so old style..

    Your dad is Bruce Willis in Armageddon!!! Fuiyo!!!
    INTENGAH tu apa? Ko apply kerja gomen ka?

    • gelak ye…. sabo jer la aku.
      INTENGAH tu Intan Wilayah Tengah.
      Lebih kurang mcm tu la.. terasa nak keje gomen pulak.
      Nak mencurahkan bakti dan taat setia untuk negara terchenta. Ahaks!

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