Bukit Gasing Re-visited

I woke up when I received a text msg from Cat.

Jason is not answering his phone and I’m sleepy. I don’t think I can make it.

Damn! FFK again?!!

Hell man.. Well, I really wanna go and hike Bukit Gasing again.

I’m so under-prepared for Kinabalu Climb next month.. *sigh*

Fine!! I’ll go alone then.

I arrived at the Bukit Gasing entrance lebih kurang pukul 6.45am.

Gila awal.. and it’s still dark.

But I’m not the earliest tho.

Despite it’s a weekday, a stretch of cars were already there before me. Impressive..

Exactly at 7.00am, aku dengan bangganya start la this lonesome journey… Chewah!

This time I decided to take more photos since I’ve brought my own camera.

Lagipun saje nak try skills ambik gambar (*grin*)..

This is how some of the trails look like.

Certain parts of the trek are “sap sap sui“…

while others are like“God, when will this end??!” kinda stuffs.

Getting lost in here is nearly impossible.

Just follow the path and signs and you should be ok.

Jangan memandai nak merayap sana sini pulak..

Steps, steps and more steps.. blah!!!

Walk, Pant, Walk, Pant, Walk… Damn!

There are a few things here in Bukit Gasing that I found interesting.

Like this viewpoint.

Small, doesn’t look that strong and vandalised. But hey.. kira baik la ada.

Small stream that leads to God knows where..

The so-called famous Bukit Gasing Suspended Bridge.. I’m telling you.. not scary at all!

Here are some of other pictures that I took on that day.

Mushrooms.. Hmm… Apa tak boleh makan? Oh… Really?

Some kind of fruit? Hmm.. Apa?! Tak boleh makan jugak? La…

Centipede!!! Wah! Lucky!! This one I know.. bagi pun tak nak makan lah!!!

It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the climb together with taking all the pictures.

Ached legs? Checked!

Sore feet? Checked!

Mozzies bites? Checked!

Exhausted like hell? Checked!

Injured my leg? Checked!

Phew.. What a day… Tapi cukup puas hati.

Bukit Gasing is one of the last if not the only forest reserve left in Petaling Jaya area.

Here are the pictures that I took from the back of Bukit Gasing.

Sedih betul..

Let’s hope that this forest remains “selamat” in the future.

That buildings you saw at the back there are Pantai Hillpark Apartments.

They’ve cleared this area dunno when.. Those dumb-asses!

Next week: Jogging!! Yeah.. rite..


~ by Aidilz on May 23, 2008.

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