Yui – Summer Song

Yui’s new single is going to be released next month.

Date: 2nd July 2008

In the album:

Disc 01

1. Summer Song

2. Oh My God

3. Laugh Away ~ Yui Acoustic Version

4. Summer Song – Instrumental

If you buy the CD+DVD version ( Maxi Single ), you’ll get an additional disc that have Video Clips of Summer Song and Laugh Away ~ Yui Acoustic Version. ~~ Cool!!

I’ve listened to the Summer Song preview.



This is so cool. Plus there’s lyrics and subs as well.

And.. a teaser for the next PV is in it too..

Official Source:


Man.. I can hardly wait!!

Yui-san.. Gambattene!!

Mumble: On the album cover, Yui wears heels! OMG!! Heels!! * nose bleed *


~ by Aidilz on June 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Yui – Summer Song”

  1. Hi, RM 88 in M’sia is really steeped. In S’pore it costs around $30 including taxes =) a friend of mine bought both the I love yesterday and this CD . You should buy it her songs are cool and meaningful to.

  2. yui the most artis favorite

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