The one who got his house broken into..

As long as I can remember, this is the first time it happened to me.
My house has been broken into!

Yes.. you read it right.
It happened yesterday.. early morning.. When all 4 of us were sound asleep.
There’re me, my sister and my parents in our own rooms.
We couldn’t hear a damn thing.
People asked me – “tak dengar ke bunyi bila pencuri tu masuk?”
Dalam hati aku – ” pukul 3 pagi la bodoh! orang tengah tido! nak dengar apa?!”

I assume the burglar broke into our house between 3am to 5am.
The best part is he ( again I assume the burglar is a guy or guys, whatever) entered from the front door. Freakin’ front door okay!!
How daring can you be?? Perompak zaman sekarang memang advance la and berani too.
He cut the grill door and opened the sliding door (which is easy if you got the right tool – I can do it too).
He stole my new backpack which I just bought a few days ago – sob!sob!.
It’s kinda weird tho coz the burglar emptied the stuffs inside the backpack including my work ID Tag (worth 500 USD tu..) instead of took it first and emptied it later. Bangang atau Baik Hati?
At least I’m grateful for that – in a weird kinda way.
He also took my ‘campliang’ MP4 player, my beloved Sony headphones, my thumb drives (which have all my songs and pictures!), my dad’s wrist watch and ring, and all of it if I remember it correctly were on the coffee table the night before.

My mom woke me up.
She screamed: “Bangun! Bangun! Rumah kena pecah masuk pencuri!!” – What a wake up call huh?
I jumped from my bed and ran straight downstairs..
First thing that went through my mind was – my car! my car! my car!.
Because I left the car keys downstairs the night before..
Luckily.. it’s still there.. parked outside, safe and sound. Phew!
I don’t know what to do if my car is not there anymore – if the burglar decided to take the car as well la.
I would faint or become hysterical – maybe la, ish, melebih2 pulak.

Anyway, I went to the nearest Police Station (Balai Polis Kg Pandan) to lodge a report.
I’m telling you.. nama aje balai polis. Rupa macam balai raya pasang siap. What a bad first impression.
2 kontenas turned into a balai polis. What la dey..
When I entered the so-called balai polis, brader polis tu baru bangun dari tido. La… Hampeh betul!

Mr Polis: Nak buat report ke?
Me: Ha’ah, rumah kena masuk pencuri (takkan nak ajak ko minum teh tarik pulak – buat report la dol).
Mr Polis: Oh.. boleh2, tunggu sekejap ye.
(Then he went to the back – cuci muka ke gosok gigi ntah?)
Me: fake smile.
(He came back, sat in front of the PC and you know what.. suddenly he’s showing this – I’m the law and I know what I’m doing face. Damn cocky!)

After 10 minutes or so, and  then it begin lah.. My torture. As if being robbed is not painful enough.
He started to type my report one by one and my God the way he type… word.. by word.. by word..
It’s like he’s using 2 fingers to type liddat.
It’s annoying seriously. Really really annoying.
Slow gila beb.. Rasa macam nak offer type sendiri aje. Dah la aku tgh panas ni.. Polis ni plak keje lembab semacam.
I arrived at the police station around 7.15am.
Report siap – pukul 8.30am. Apa kejadahnya wei.. Adoiyai..
After that, the policeman told me that the assigned I/O will visit the house to take pictures, collect evidence and investigate further.
She (*ahem) should arrive around 10am since she is from IPD Pudu.
FYI – I/O stands for Investigation Officer.

So I went back home and waited lah..
I told my sister and parents not to touch anything as we don’t want to affect the ‘crime scene’ and any possible evidence – kalau ada lah. Chewah..
9.30m … 10.30am…
The phone rang – The Inspector called and told me that she’s on her way.
So okay la.. she said that she’ll be late a bit. Sabar.. Aidil… Sabar..
11.30am.. 12.00pm
WTF! Baru sampai.. Hantu raya betul la!
Dari around 7am aku buat report, 12.00pm baru sampai – that is freakin’ 5 hours okay!
Mentang-mentang la takde yang cedera, takde yang kena kidnap, takde yang kena tikam.
Slow and steady jer ek? Abih, I got nothing to do but wait like a dumbass is it?
Dia gi breakfast dulu agaknya – my mom said.
Damn! I’m really pissed + emo + geram + ntahapapalagilah.

They arrived in a Proton WaJa that got the JSJ decal on the side doors which stands for Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah.  2 person came out.
First to greet me was a malay female Inspector (I assume she’s the one who is in charge of the case) and then an Indian guy carrying something like a lab kit stuffs and a Nikon D40 DSLR (*drool) lebih kurang macam those in the CSI series. Sure mamat tu bangga jadi CSI. Glamour la konon..
Both of them are nowhere close like those in the series though, seriously.
She started to ask questions and jotted it down in a piece of paper. Super fast! I think she’s used to be a secretary maybe.
Meanwhile the so-called CSI guy opened his so-called CSI lab kit and started to use a so-called brush to trace for so-called finger prints.
Abis cool la tu.. huh! He can’t find anything tho. I somehow expected that. (*grin)

It’s over after lebih kurang 30 minutes.
That’s it? I’ve waited for 5 damn long hours and you’re done in 30 minutes!?
The CSI guy even lepak lepak on the couch after snapping a few pictures, waiting for the inspector to finish copying the police report.
Isn’t it double work? *Sigh.. really.. I don’t feel confident at all.
Not to say they’re unreliable.. they are. In certain ‘big’ cases that is.
The chances I got back what’ve been stolen from me I think is 0.001%. Seriously, all the stuffs can be easily sold.
The chances the burglar got caught is slim too. Why?
Because I don’t think they found any freaking clue at all!!

So.. That’s it.
Sorry for the long post.
I just need to get it out from my system.

We’ve learn a lot from this tragedy.
It’s not how expensive your padlock is.. or how secured is your housing area.. or if you have the best security systems whatsoeva.. or rich enough to hire security guards or even a keep a dog to protect your house. Because this thing could happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere..
Daytime, at night, early morning.. it doesn’t matter anymore.
Bigger house with alarms and a pair of Rottweilers easily tells the burglar that there’re much more expensive stuffs that they can steal.
Small houses with cikai grill and nonsense sliding doors are like easy target for drug addicts or small fry first timer burglar. For example, like my house la!

I’m just glad I’m still alive tho. Alhamdulillah..
I didn’t even lock my bedroom door that night.
I somehow decided not to sleep in front of the tv downstairs that night.
If I were fated to accidentally face the burglar that night.. Who knows what’s gonna happen?  Someone could get hurt.

Silly joke:
Pencuri: Wang atau Nyawa?
Me: Er.. atau?

Take care y’all and remember, be safe and cautious.


~ by Aidilz on October 23, 2008.

8 Responses to “The one who got his house broken into..”

  1. as long as nobody’s hurt… Alhamdulillah…

  2. Thanks Naziah.. yeah.. nasib baik semua selamat.

  3. I know I’m kinda late..But still I’m happy to know everyone’s fine..

  4. Setiap kejadian ade hikmahnye..Ewah..Tapi betul la tu.. 😉

  5. man this is shitty. i got my laptop stolen when i was in my first year. at home in miri. its my last day in miri before i return to campus. and my freakin assignment is in the laptop. he took my XS shirt and my life (my organizer) that i place on top of the laptop the night before. double frick!

    shit happens. period.

  6. nurul: thanks dear.

    anne: yeah, shit happens. what can we say right?

  7. maybe you have to tune your ear as sensitive as me. Aku bunyi liff tgh malam pun boleh terjaga tau. BTW Gotcha. I found your blog!!

  8. Hahaha.. you got me. tu la pasal. skrg mmg tgh phobia gila.

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