Family Ties

I’m lazy to update my travelogue.
12 days of traveling across 3 countries – that’s a lot to write.
For the time being, you guys can check out Cat’s and Shanky’s blog for it.
But I’ll get it done, don’t worry. It’s just a matter of when. Hehe.

There’re a lot of deaths all of sudden in 2009.
I’m talking about those people around me.
A friend.. Someone’s dad.. Someone’s grandfather.. Husband..
They all passed away.. within these 6 months..
I suck when it comes to dealing with deaths.

Realizing this makes me cherish my family now more than ever..
I love them so very much and will continue to do so.. regardless what happen to me.
They’re all that I’ve got in this world.
Apart from my good close friends that is..


Sometimes some people tend to take them for granted.. their parents and siblings.
I don’t blame them at all..
They have their own reasons and all.
It’s just… sad to see know. Really sad..
I guess you don’t know who you’ll miss till they’re gone. Right?

*Sigh.. I miss my lil bro.. It’s already been 9 years now.
If he is still alive.. he would be 27 years old.
Damn! Mesti dia dah kahwin with bunch loads of kids!
Aku pun mesti dah jadi uncle Aidil. Hehe.
Well.. Things happened for a reason or reasons – Wallahualam.
Life must go on right?
Hidup mesti terus..!!

Al-fatihah buat arwah Azreen Herly bin Abu Samah.
May Allah bless his soul.

Family Aidil

Man.. I look really old and ugly as a stick man. Haha!




~ by Aidilz on June 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Family Ties”

  1. Al-Fatihah… If I may ask, wat took him?

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